Barton Environmental Consulting LLC is a full service environmental firm with the focus on service and quality workmanship to all clients.  Below are the common environmental services offered by BEC. 
For consultation on any of these listed items or your unique environmental concern or to discuss your project with an BEC representative, contact Bart Compton at 260.40.0721.


Barton Environmental Consulting LLC (BEC) has extensive experience in handling asbestos issues for our clients. From asbestos survey and inspection projects, air quality monitoring to asbestos abatement oversight, BEC’s experienced professional staff responds quickly to our client’s needs.

BEC’s asbestos consulting services include the following:
• Asbestos Material Inspections for Commercial Buildings, Institutions, Hospitals, Industrial Complexes, Warehouses and Residential Properties
• Daily Monitoring of Asbestos Removal Projects
• Development of Operations and Maintenance Programs
• Asbestos Removal and Cost Estimates


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs) are often required when commercial and industrial properties are  sold, re-developed, or re-financed.  During these transactions, Phase I Site Assessments are an important part of the “due diligence” process as they help lenders and property purchasers to minimize their environmental liabilities. A high-quality Phase I ESA can facilitate re-financing of a property, prevent delays in site re-development projects, and save purchasers thousands of dollars by ensuring costly site remediation work isn’t necessary.

To meet your unique Phase I Environmental Site Assessment needs, BEC offers:
• Expedited Site Inspection and Report Delivery
• Competitive Pricing
• Experienced, ASTM-Approved Environmental Professionals

Phase I ESA Process
1. Records Review and Research - Review of aerial photographs, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, zoning maps, land use maps, city directories, atlases, and correspondence from appropriate local, state and federal agencies.
2. Site Visits - Visual inspection of the land and improvements for potential indicators or contamination.
3. Interviews - Interviews with owners, key site managers, occupants, and local government officials. A review of industrial processes, wastes, and by-products.
4. Report Preparation - Consolidation of findings into a thorough Phase I ESA report.


In general, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA) addresses the Recognized Environmental Conditions identified in a Phase I ESA.

BEC offers:
• No Obligation On-Site Consultations
• Free Phase I ESA Report Review
• Competitive Pricing
• Fast Report Turnaround

BEC can provide Phase II ESA services regardless of whether we completed your Phase I ESA. In addition, we can review other environmental reports to help you understand the environmental issues associated with the property.


In general, environmental remediation is conducted when contaminant concentrations at a particular site exceed accepted levels.  BEC’s site remediation services address soil and groundwater contamination using state of the art techniques and a plan tailored to the client’s unique needs.

BEC offers a variety of solutions to clean up soil and groundwater contamination:
• Soil Removal Services
• Chemical In-Situ Remediation
• Bio-Remediation
• Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging
In some cases, soil and/or groundwater contamination does not require removal or treatment since the contamination does not represent a significant environmental threat. BEC’s experienced staff can help you with that determination.


BEC has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle all aspects of underground storage tank (UST) removal and closure. Our staff has extensive knowledge of applicable state and federal UST regulations and uses that information to help site owners decide whether to remove an underground tank, conduct remediation, or keep the UST in place. When a site owner decides to remove the UST, BEC ensures that the work is conducted in a streamlined and cost effective manner.


Mold can be a health concern to individuals that are susceptible to respitary issues.  When you suspect that mold is present, testing should be performed to determine if the mold present is sugnificant enough to cause helth effects.

BEC’s mold consulting services include:
• Mold assessments
• Airborne and material mold testing
• Daily monitoring of mold removal projects
• Mold sample analysis


BEC understands the importance of responding quickly to our clients when indoor air quality problems arise. We can typically be on site to investigate your IAQ issue within 24 hours of a service request.

Two factors commonly involved with indoor air quality problems are pollution sources and the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The pollutant is a source of contamination that causes odors, various physical symptoms, and/or discomfort. The HVAC system can be a source of contamination, or, when not operating properly, it can fail to effectively control air contamination and ensure thermal comfort (temperature and humidity).

BEC has extensive experience with indoor air quality investigations and testing.
The 10 most common indoor air pollutants and parameters include:
• Asbestos
• Carbon monoxide
• Carbon dioxide
• Sulfur dioxide
• Nitrogen dioxide
• Volatile Organic Compounds
• Formaldehyde
• Particulates
• Temperature
• Relative humidity